William A. Sprigg

Title: Professor Emeritus, University of Arizona

Email: wasprigg@msn.com


University of Arizona Professor Emeritus William A. Sprigg formed Science Policy Consultants, LLC, in 2016 to assess and advise on states-of-science that affect profit, progress and standing in a global community. As SPC’s Principal, Dr. Sprigg continues long-standing public service and research interests within the world scientific community and national and international science, including his Co-I role in the NASA project, Satellite-aided Regional Dust Forecasting for Valley Fever Surveillance, Highway Accident Prevention and Air Quality Management in the SW United States. He applies interdisciplinary tenets to understand and adapt in a variable climate, assembling international experts in such diverse fields as environment, health and social sciences, and in energy, agriculture, urban planning, economics, education and public policy, to further science in decision making; his Op-Ed (5/16/2020) published in the Arizona Daily Star, Perfect forecast not possible, but models, experts find a way, supports coronavirus science policy by example from dust monitoring and modeling.


Website: https://profiles.arizona.edu/person/wsprigg